What You Need to Do Before Joining a Paysite & How To Stay Out of Trouble

Everyone loves porn, and from time to time, we might go overboard and watch a lot of it, due to various reasons, like a new lover, break up, lose a job, feeling nostalgic, or just feeling really horny with no other outlet than your hand. Porn helps us feel sexy and stay in touch with one of the most important urges human beings have: to become sexually satiated and satisfied.

Luckily for you, the PornGatherer has reviewed a bunch of great and safe porn sites that will delight and excite you, whenever you want, but still we want to advise you on how to keep your fun clean and safe so you don’t become a victim to cons or viruses that can reek havoc on your (sex) life.

So, here are some tips on how to watch porn safely. But the without doubt, the BEST way is to refer to the PornGatherer for the best reviews and regular updates so you’re in the know, and can protect yourself while you virtually indulge yourself in the best porn online.

1. The PornGatherer’s reviews all the best sites regularly so we know who had the best and safest content and which content is worth the money and signing up and paying for. If you follow our advice, you will rarely falter because we check it all out for you in advance, so you don’t have to worry. You know you’ll get the hottest bang for your buck.

2. We also have an amazing repertoire of free content at the PornGatherer, so if you want to check out some niche sites before you pull out your wallet, you need to check out our recommendations and evaluations so you’ll know if it’s really worth it.

3. Always use trials! Our best advice is this: when a quality porn site has awesome content, they are not afraid to give their potential clients a free taste. So, that means a lot of quality paysites offer 1-3 day trials for as low as $1 or even free, often offering full access, so nothing is left uncovered. We have reviewed all those trials and let you know of special offers and sites really worth checking out while you can. Once you’ve seen it, then you’ll know if you want to buy it. You can’t go wrong with that.

4. Yes, the fine print can be tedious, but we really recommend reading the payment details! All the porn sites on our site are fully reviewed so you can’t make a mistake choosing something we have recommended, but if you want to go commando, please do make sure to review the payment process, and choose the right pay periods or check out if they are re-occurring charges, so you know what get’s charged when. Also, it’s important to know if the name of the company showing up on your bill is not something pornographic so you can keep your membership as discreet as possible, if needs be.

5. When signing up make sure there are no ‘Cross Sales’ which are negative offers that you have to actively ‘unclick’ boxes for when you pay. Make sure to look carefully and uncheck other offers that you are not interested in buying.

Other general safety tips and words of wisdom:

Keep your browser private, it’s good idea to set up an ‘incognito’ browser window when surfing (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and most other browsers have this option. It will prevent the setting of cookies and the bulk of data mining about your surfing patterns. A good browser add-on is Ghostery. It lets you see with a little sidebar scroll, what is going on in the background on every website you visit.

Use Pay sites and don’t stray from them and be tempted by something free. If you avoid free sites you will avoid the bulk of infectious ads they contain and other embedded scripts that are hosted by third parties that use plugins vulnerable to exploitation such as JavaScript. This can be blocked with simple browser extensions like Adblock Plus and No Script. Definitely be wary since some sites use aggressive ads and popups to make money and others can install spyware on your computer. So it’s better to pay and stay safe.

Choose your video player wisely. HTML5 is better and new standard player rather than Flash which is riddled with hacks and holes. Because of this don’t ever download files from a torrent or specialist video player. Those download are the main culprits of spyware, malware and viruses getting into your computer or mobile device. It’s better to pay since it’s simply not worth the risk.

If you have any problems with a paysite you found on our site, or have unwanted payments or hidden deals charged to your card, do hit us up! We have the connections in the industry and the influence and power to help you out of a tough spot. Reach us at: [email protected]