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Rel Orgasms

Real female orgasms do not exist in porn? BUZZZZ wrong! They do, but we have to admin that they are very rare.
At least in mainstream porn, most videos end with an orgasm of a man including a huge cumshot in a girls face or tits.

Orgasms and the G-Spot

Everyone loves moaning girls, but is it real? And do they even orgasm at all? While there is obviously a lot of fake moaning and fake orgasms in porn, there are still girls who don't have to fake anything. They just enjoy having sex and if their G spot is getting stimulated they can have really wild, wet and intense orgasms. This small region in the vagina is not the easiest way to get off, but if you manage to stimulate a girl, she will never let you go again!

What you will get

To make it short, we have collected the best sites dedicated or heavily featuring videos with girls having real orgasms. Either by penetration of guys who know what they are doing and a lot of masturbation videos. Most of them feature amateurs, who filmed themselves to make them feel comfortable. Most girls need a smooth and secure environment to just "let go" and so the scenery is a bit different to most porn sites. The results? Truly hot and real female orgasms you won't see anywhere else. No extreme fake moaning, no overly "ooooh myyy goooooood" yelling, nor stuff which is obviously bullshit. Contracting vaginas, extreme wet vaginas, toe-curling, deep breathing and intense moaning. Is this the stuff you like? That's also what you will get!


Furthermore, you will also find squirting orgasms. This is just "a thing" since a few years and since we are happy, when you are happy, we will feature that too. Whats squirting? Basically, it is an explosion of fluid out of a woman’s urethra during orgasm. Women often refer to an extreme intense orgasm, which just feels like heaven. And once you have seen a girl squirting and quivering you WILL get addicted and want to see more!

Real orgasms, squirting, quivering and pure female pleasure is what you would like to see? Yes? Then check out this reviews of the best porn sites dedicated to this genre.

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