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Different Kind of Porn: Soft Core, Topless and Adult!

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There are times when we want to enjoy in hard core action: orgies where everyone is on top of everyone, or gangbangs or threesomes. And then there are times when we want to enjoy in soft core action – nothing too explicit, but it still counts as porn. From photos of topless girls in various poses, lusty babes in provocative scenes to fun videos and stories, you can enjoy without the explicit component and still have some fun!

While this might sound counter-intuitive – revealing something but keeping the most important parts hidden – it’s actually much better than it sounds. The thrill in this case is in the viewer’s imagination, with a little help from erotic babes who love to show some parts for the camera! While this is mostly guy-oriented, bro-stuff, it’s still high quality and there are plenty of content on these sites to keep you occupied all night!

Porn Gatherer’s team has managed to find only the coolest soft core action sites out there – and create this list which you can enjoy in! From topless girls to guns and beer (everything in between and sometimes everything together) you can easily find the best soft core content!

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  1. Phun 

    Phun is fun. Adult fun and hot babes. Its kind of a blog with a big community.

  2. Keep Calm and Chive On - Girls category

  3.  $20.00
    Naked News 

    Get worldwide news like on tv - just naked. I don't want to tell you that the have the quality of CNN, nor the timeliness can be compared to commercial news. The big advantage is: The girls are naked :) And apart from national and international news, you will also get politics, weather, sports and whatever.

  4.  $39.99

    Ok, where should I begin? When I first met the site I thought it has the common videos: pornstars getting fucked in various ways, blowjobs and creampies... But SpinChix is absolutely different. They offer girls in a modern art style undressing like they know they are getting spied on, but don't want you to know.

  5. Mandatory is a blog with funny reads, hot girls and a lot of other cool stuff to waste some time. ;) "Women, funny stuff, viral videos, must-read features and a whole lot of awesome."


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