The List of Porn Sites and Pornstars- Reviewed and Ranked by Quality

Converting adult affiliate programs

When I started with my first adult sites I did not know where to go to drive traffic and to earn some money.
If you are new to the industry or if you just searching for new fields, check out these porn affiliate programs. I have also added some adult news, hosting and traffic brokers. If you don't like them, ignore them. ;)

Every site drives different traffic, so I can't tell, which one will the best for you. At least for Porn Gatherer all of them were great in 2016. If you want to know our Top5 ($/1k visitor), here we go:

#1 Chaturbate
#2 Adult Webmaster Empire
#3 Nasty Dollars
#4 Jav Bucks
#5 Virtual Real Cash

For more and everything else, check out the list.

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  1. Screenshot Paperstreetcash
  2. Screenshot Aff-Chaturbate
  3. Screenshot Crakrevenue
  4. Screenshot Exoclick
  5. Screenshot Adult Friend Finder Money
  6. Screenshot Traffichaus
  7. Screenshot iStripper Affiliate Program
  8. Screenshot Adult Webmaster Empire
  9. XBIZ 
    Screenshot XBIZ
  10. Screenshot Famedollars
  11. Screenshot Nastydollars
  12. Screenshot Jugg Cash
  13. Screenshot Bongacash
  14. Screenshot Tubecorporate
  15. Screenshot FuckYouCash
  16. Screenshot Naughty revenue
  17. Screenshot Hustlercash
  18. Screenshot Adult Empire Cash
  19. YNOT  FullPaysite
    Screenshot YNOT
  20. Screenshot Javbucks
  21. Screenshot Royal Cash
  22. Screenshot Virtual Real Cash
  23. Screenshot Meendo cash
  24. Screenshot Idol Bucks
  25. Screenshot Premium Cash
  26. Screenshot Thick Cash
  27. Screenshot M3 Server


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