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The best porn sites 2016 reviewed

In our porn site reviews we have tested tons of porn sites and we are proud to present you the best of the test in this list. You have the opportunity to check out the detailed review for every porn site if you click the page-symbol next to the sites name. Additional, we are able to offer a free glimpse on premium sites via free galleries. You find them inside a review of a porn site and also they are marked on the list via the orange play-button.

We do our best to make this portal the absolute best resource for all kind of porn. You will see that we don't describe everything as "hot", "slutty", "horny" or all other terms every porn site uses for every video. Instead you get honest infos and we only say hot, slutty, dripping wet or whatver IF IT IS TRUE.

We love all porn sites

The free ones and the premium stuff. And this is what you find here. Depending on your budget you can check out the mostly free tube sites or go for some premium teen porn sites to see the most beautiful girls in the world. You may also check out all our cam sites where you can watch girls, boys, couples or shemales for free and pay a dime if you want to do them doing nasty stuff. Everything is LIVE and you can watch them for 100% free.

Free Porn Sites

Everybody loves free porn, don't we? If only they had the same quality...

Since not everyone has the budget to buy their favorite porn, we also list tons of porn sites with free videos, pics and stories. As you can imagine, there must be a difference between premium and free sites. Usually the quality is not as good as if you pay for it. While you get full length videos and galleries if you just spent some dollars, on the free sites you only get a glimpse or 2,5 or 10 minute trailers. We have put all our free porn sites in a separate list, so if you are short on money, this is the way to go. ;)

There is no free site for VR porn right now, but if you are interested in "the next big thing", you may check vr porn in our directory to watch a few free trailers.

Which is your favorite porn site?

Knowing that everyone has their own sexual preferences, we have porn sites of every genre. Some stuff may turn you on, while some niches may let you puke. Just make sure to check out all ou categories and we are sure that you will find your favorite site. ;) If you want to check them out step by step, you may want to have a look at our full list of all porn sites. There you will find every site we have added to our great directory so far.

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It does not matter if you are at home, at work or in the bus - you can surf Porn Gatherer on any device. Android, Iphone or whatever - You will always get the full experience to get what you like - in your language. Currently we can offer this site in english, german, dutch, italian, spanish, french and russian. Btw: Are you bored of malware infected sites or fed up with sites which show you excessive ads? At Porn Gatherer we check all sites for viruses twice a day and sites with excessive ads won't even get listed at all. Quality over quantity my friend!

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