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Porn blogs might not look like much at first since they are the porn equivalent to a distant cousin that we see every once in a while to exchange a few polite words with and get moving. But when you take the time to dig around (like we did) you find there are some pretty cool porn blogs with a lot to offer. In fact, we would go out on a limb to say that there are some real hidden gems in this category! We love porn just like you do, so our team of professional porn gatherers have gone out and found a bunch of porn blogs that are totally worth checking out.

With that said, let us tell you that you can find just about anything on these blogs, which is pretty cool. We have some blogs listed that just present photos, typically of your favorite pornstars. Then we have blogs that host video (so I guess technically they are so-called vlogs) but they embed and link popular, hot and trending porn videos from all over the web. This is a great way to be introduced to new videos or productions, so they are great to check out. Then there are the adult blogs where you can find tons of sex stories to read and jerk off to! Some of the story blogs are quite popular in their own right and have massive followings, so it’s well worth your time to check them out. Erotic literature is gaining quite a bit of steam in the industry since sex stories are sometimes more exciting and titillating than a whole bunch of porn videos!

Another great thing about some of these popular porn blogs is that they are running on WordPress, so you can easily subscribe thanks to RSS feed technology. That means you will get notifications from your favorite blogs whenever they’re updated. Some of these sites update daily so that’s more than enough to keep you busy for quite some time! We’ve made a great list of the best porn blogs on the Internet so check them out today!

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  1. No decent review...yet.

  2. ORSM 

    Orsm is awesome, got it? They offer adult pics and videos of beautiful girls, hot amateur porn and other adult stuff. You can also download videos directly to your pc or mobile.

  3. Alrincon is a spanish porn blog that offers spanish and english articles about everything around porn. New pics, new videos and adult news. They also a tab with sex pics of alrincon users - Thats dedication!

  4. Naked Celebrities... and Smut

  5. Eros Blog is one of the first-ever sex blogs. With updates almost every day since 2002, ErosBlog is a mix of porn, erotic art, vintage erotica, sex commentary, and excerpts from other writers and bloggers on just about any sexual topic.

  6. Sinn and Skinn is an online community for sinners. It is a daily updated blogs with a lot of fresh posts whenevery you go there. Find interesting or funny articles, great news or just some kinky links.

  7. Dirty rotten whore is not a blog with daily updates. But when they do it is just awesome. They crawl other sites for great pictures/videos and gifs, pick the best and post them on their site. So a best-of-aggregator.


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