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Real Orgasms

Real female orgasms do not exist in porn? BUZZZZ - wrong! They do, but we have to admit that they are very rare. At least in mainstream porn, most videos end with an orgasm of a man including a huge cumshot in a girls face or tits. Experts as we are, we crawled deep and deeper until we found some great stuff!

Orgasms and the G-Spot

Everyone loves moaning girls, but is it real? And do they even orgasm at all? While there is obviously a lot of fake moaning and fake orgasms in porn, there are still girls who don't have to fake anything. They just enjoy having sex and if their G spot is getting stimulated they can have really wild, wet and intense orgasms. This small region in the vagina is not the easiest way to get off, but if you manage to stimulate a girl, she will never let you go again!

What you will get

To make it short, we have collected the best sites dedicated or heavily featuring videos with girls having real orgasms. Either by penetration of guys who know what they are doing and a lot of masturbation videos. Most of them feature amateurs, who filmed themselves to make them feel comfortable. Most girls need a smooth and secure environment to just "let go" and so the scenery is a bit different to most porn sites. The results? Truly hot and real female orgasms you won't see anywhere else. No extreme fake moaning, no overly "ooooh myyy goooooood" yelling, nor stuff which is obviously bullshit. Contracting vaginas, extreme wet vaginas, toe-curling, deep breathing and intense moaning. Is this the stuff you like? That's also what you will get!


Furthermore, you will also find squirting orgasms. This is just "a thing" for a few years and since we are happy, when you are happy, we will feature that too. Whats squirting? Basically, it is an explosion of fluid out of a woman’s urethra during orgasm. Women often refer to an extremely intense orgasm, which just feels like heaven. And once you have seen a girl squirting and quivering you WILL get addicted and want to see more!

Real orgasms, squirting, quivering and pure female pleasure is what you would like to see? Yes? Then check out this reviews of the best porn sites dedicated to this genre.

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  1.  $19.94 

    Nubile Films – Erotica with a Dash of Art There are tons of porn sites out there, and then there are sites like Nubile Films – sites that offer a different kind of erotic pleasure. Nubile Films combine elements of art, cinema and erotica to create their own unique blend of porno – instead of fake hardcore sex scenes, Nubile Films offer real men and women who want to enjoy in their bodies.

  2.  $39.00
    Abby Winters 

    Abby Winters is a premiere pornographer from Australia, where there is a growing industry. She does professional photography and videos, mostly softcore, but not with major pornstars. She tends to do them with chicks who are amateur performers, not professionals, but she uses high-class photo equipment to portray them in a classy manner.

  3.  $19.50
    Girls Out West 

    Owned and shot by women, Girls Out West offers HQ solo, female-male and female-female porn from Australia. Or better say "sex". There are more than 900 sexy amateur models on this website, who have been performing for you to give you more than 327.000 high-resolution photos and a stunning collection of 3400 HD movies.

  4.  $24.94
    NF Busty 

    Just like you can imagine from the name, this site is all about big boobs - but that's all! As part of the Nubilefilms network, they focus on the taste of women and make everything more realistic and sensual than on other porn sites.

  5.  $19.95

    Yanks – Real Female Orgasm Bonanza If you are looking for real porn made by women for women, Yanks is the only choice. Yanks has managed to create a huge collection of female orgasm and masturbation videos and (justly) prides itself with incredible performances of its models.

  6.  $29.95
    I Feel Myself is a website dedicated to the beauty of authentic female orgasm achieved by masturbation. Think about the ways you could film female orgasm: Either create a situation where it can happen or fake it and hope it looks convincing.

  7.  $19.95
    Ron Harris 

    Born in 1940, Ron Harris is an American erotic photographer, who has over 25,000 published photographs and over 450 Art Director Awards and 13 gold medals for artistic excellence. On there is a focus on excellent photography, but the main spot is on HQ masturbation videos.

  8.  $19.99

    Yonitale – a Different Kind of Porn Yonitale is one of those rare porn sites that are geared towards female pleasure. Their dedication to female orgasms and real pleasure never comes into question – even their name, “yoni” in Sanskrit, means “the sex of the woman”.

  9.  $1.00

    Squirting Japanese Girls - Uncensored Shiofuky is included in one of the best japanese premium sites: Jav HD This means: 16 Niche Sites - 747 Models - 8.5 Tb Archive - 5,274 Videos - 91775 Pictures What are you waiting for?

  10. Most people enjoy visual stimulation when they are searching for porn. If you like to try out something different, then the Orgasm Sound Library is a good start to a new perspective. In short, you won't find any tits, pussies, hot (fe-)male bodies or anything visual seductive - you are "just" able to hear women achieving a real orgasm.

  11.  $29.95
    The female orgasm 

    The Female Orgasm features videos showing only real female orgasms. They offer genuine orgasms from a broad range of women - from first timers, through the girl next door to professional models. They them just as long as their orgasms are genuine!


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