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Sometimes we’re not interested in traditional porn – no, sometimes we need something extra, something more interesting even than the hottest sex scenes. And that something is exposed naked celebrities! When average Joe releases a sex tape, chances are you’ll find it on some amateur porn site; but when a celebrity’s sex tape leaks, it’ll be all over the news! That’s why there are so many sites who deal with exposed celebrities, especially nudity, porn and sex scenes – and you can find them all here in one place!

We’ve compiled a list of the best websites that bring fresh news about naked celebrities, be it their sex tape, nude photos, sex scenes they’ve done in movies, exposed nipple bloopers or just something that paparazzi have managed to capture. You might not enjoy in this content like you enjoy in traditional porn – perhaps you’re just curious, you want to compare yourself to a celebrity, you want to enjoy seeing them exposed, or you want to win a bet with friends. Whatever your reasons are, you can easily find everything you’re looking for on our list!

From sex scenes in movies (naked breasts, naked asses and accidental exposure) to leaked private sex videos of various stars, naked photos made by nosy journalists or deliberately released “accidental” nude photos, you can easily get the hang of it: watch your favorite celebrities from the worlds of television, cinema, sport and beyond being exposed… For your pleasure!
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  1. Screenshot Celeb Jihad
    On this site you find everything about celebrities - Including (fake) nudes, funny stories and some REALLY weird stuff. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber already sued the site, but they give a fuck.
  2.  $15.00
    Screenshot MrSkin
    Mr Skin is a useful for finding pictures and videos of naked celebrities. You can search for nude scenes of your favorite actress in movies within minutes.
  3. Screenshot The Fappening
    They offer photos of celebrities including shots from thefappening, where tons of pics where leaked online. You will find a more than 800 naked celebs with an amount of 11500+ photos!
  4. Screenshot TheNipSlip
    Who doesn't want to see nipples of celebrities? I certainly do and that's why thenipslip made it to our site. TNS is a daily updated blog with "Celebrity Nip Slips, Upskirts, Topless Candids and more!".
  5. Screenshot Oh Free
    When I first came there I thought: "Where were they coming from"? They have some much excellent content, which you usually have to be build up for years - but its just there.
  6. Screenshot
    Paparaco is a blog full of pics with naked celebrities. The have tons of pics and also daily updated with fresh content. Tho there are a lot of real pics, this blog also contains some fakes.
  7. Screenshot HotCelebsHome
    Name says it all: On this blog you get pics and videos of hot female celebrities. They don't have explicit stuff, but you will see popular, beautiful girls on the red carpet, tons of celebs on the beach and sexy "behind the scene" shots.
  8.  $3.95
    Vivid Celeb 
    Screenshot Vivid Celeb
    Vivid Celeb offers porn videos of celebrities. They call themself the "world leader of celebrity sex tapes" and if you see their portfolio I guess you will agree.
  9. Screenshot Pin Celebs
    Nude pins of celebes all in one place do next exist? They do! While most pinboards have a shitload of all kind of porn pictures, specialized on nude of celebs only and kept a very clean look.
  10. Screenshot Nude Celebrities is an aggregator of free celebrity nudes. If you go there, you will see the latest pics from various sites.


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